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Flock Pro


PS Electric Pearlised

Application Instructions

Siser Colour Guide

Sublimation Ink Block


Copy the relevant certificate number, follow the link and paste the certificate number into the label check box.

Easyweed, Easyweed Exrta, Easyweed Electric, Extrareflex, Prefor, Hi-5, SrtipFlock pro
Thermoreflex 2000, plus, special. – Certificate No. 084270.O

Stretch – Certificate No. 1202341.O

Subliblok – Certificate No. 14CX00061

Blackboard – Certificate No. 18.HIT.41690

Brick – Certificate No. 15.HIT.75859

Colorprint PU, Colorprint PU Matt, Colorprint PU Extra, Colorprint PU Extra Matt, HI5 Print Matt
HI5 Print Vivid. – Certificate No. 1400240.O

Glitter – Certificate No. 17CX00039

Sparkle – Certificate No. 19.HIT.86733

Soft – Certificate No. 15.HIT.75858

Videoflex, Videoflex PU – Certificate No. 1306584.O

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