Rose Gold Mirror Double Sided


Metal effect film in polished and brushed effects

This self-adhesive polyester film, available in high-class metal effects, is perfect for creating outstanding plotted lettering, logos and designs as well as full-surface decorations of signs, glass surfaces and other smooth surfaces. With identical colour effects on both sides, Metal Effect ASLAN CA 23 is ideal for use on transparent surfaces. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The metal effect film is available in silver polished , gold polished, copper polished and polished rose gold as well as in brushed copper, brushed aluminium, brushed gold and brushed silver.

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  • Create plotted designs, logos and lettering or full-surface designs on smooth, flat surfaces
  • For creative and particularly classy POS and shop window applications, such as perfume shops, Christmas decorations…
  • Stylish decorations with dramatic effects in shop fitting, exhibition stand construction, interior design and many other applications
  • Ideal for glass surfaces, as effects are identical on both sides
  • Identical colour effects on both sides, ideal for decorating glass, e.g. with mirror-image lettering and logos for protection against vandalism and environmental influences
  • At 50 µm thick, this film is easier to apply than the thin films produced by other manufacturers
  • Excellent plotting properties
  • Outdoor durability 2-5 years
  • Classified to flame retardant standard DIN 4102 / B1

Face film

Metallised PET-film


50 µm


Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive

Adhesive properties


Release liner

Silicone paper, 140 g/m²


With screen printing inks


Smooth surfaces

Outdoor durability

Polished silver and gold: 3-5 years, all other colours and effects: 2 years

  • printability:   The material can be printed with silk-screen printing inks.
    (In case of inadequate drying of the printing inks colours the film will be sodded and the
    adhesive negatively affected.)
  • application:   In general the film can be applied dry.
    A wet application reduce static and helps repositioning. Being a PET base film water can’t
    diffuse through the film. Therefore all water used has to be squeegeed out during
    For the application of letterings etc. we recommend our ASLAN Application Tapes.
    The Metal Effect ASLAN CA 23 can only be applied on smooth and even surfaces and is not
    suitable for curved surfaces.
  • gloss finish:   There can be matt areas on the surface of the gloss finish near the core of the roll. These
    can be caused by the rear of the backing paper, but will disappear after a short period of
  • storage life:   Before application the films can be stored for minimum 3 years from date of production.
    The film must be stored at room temperature (15-25 °C) and a relative humidity of the air
    of 50-60%. To avoid pressure points appearing on the roll surface, we recommend the
    rolls be stored either vertical standing or for this purpose designed `hanging´ racks.

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 0.03 cm

A4, Metre, Midi Roll, Mini Roll

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